Matthias Templ

Vienna University of Technology

Matthias Templ is associated professor at the Institute of Statistics & Mathematical Methods in Economics. He has additionally a position as scientist at the methods unit at Statistics Austria, and he is founder of data-analysis OG link. He published more than 45 papers in well-known scientific journals related to the areas of imputation, statistical disclosure control, visualisation, compositional data analysis and computational statistics. He is also author and maintainer of several R packages for official statistics, such as the R package sdcMicrofor statistical disclosure control, the VIM package for visualization and imputation of missing values, the simPop package for synthetic population simulation, and the package robCompositions for robust analysis of compositional data, and he contributed to many other packages. He is editor of the Austrian Journal of Statistics, visit link. Please consider AJS for your publications, it is free and open-source just like R.