eRum 2016

european R users meeting

October 12-14, 2016 in Poznan, Poland

about conference

European R users meeting (eRum) was an international conference that aimed at integrating users of the R language. eRum 2016 was a good chance to exchange experiences, broaden knowledge on R and collaborate.





invited speakers

Rasmus Bååth

Researcher at Lund University.

Rasmus Bååth

Lund University Cognitive Science

Romain Francois

Romain Francois


Ulrike Grömping

Statistician with data analysis experience in various areas.

Ulrike Grömping

Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Matthias Templ

Author and maintainer of several R packages for official statistics.

Matthias Templ

Vienna University of Technology

Heather Turner

Freelance statisticial programmer.

Heather Turner

University of Warwick

Przemysław Biecek

Data scientist with experience in bio-med statistics, visualisation.

Przemyslaw Biecek

MIM University of Warsaw, MiNI Warsaw University of Technology

Marek Gagolewski

True R hacker since the Paleozoic era of R_1.4.0.

Marek Gagolewski

Polish Academy of Sciences

Jakub Glinka

Methodology specialist having strong programming skills.

Jakub Glinka

GfK Data Lab

Katarzyna Kopczewska

Katarzyna Kopczewska

University of Warsaw

Katarzyna Stapor

Focused on the statistical pattern recognition.

Katarzyna Stapor

Silesian University of Technology


Day 1 - workshops (details) - wednesday (12.10)

Morning workshops at University of Life Sciences and Statistical Office
Registration and lunch break (not included in fees)
Afternoon workshops at University of Life Sciences and Statistical Office

Day 2 - conference - thursday (13.10)

Registration + coffee - sponsored by Quantide
Welcome session
Invited Talks I
Room AULA - chairman: Rasmus Bååth

Heather Turner

Addressing the Gender Gap in the R Project

Katarzyna Stapor

Heteroscedastic Discriminant Analysis and its integration into “mlR” package for uniform machine learning

Group photo in front of main entrance to the venue
Coffee break - sponsored by eoda
Methodology 1
(McKinsey session)
Business 1
Packages 1
Room AULA - chairman: Marcin Szymkowiak

Maren Eckhoff

Predicting machine failures

Mateusz Filarowski

Ensemble learning - idea and applications

Tomasz Smolarczyk

Ensemble learning - implementation with mlr

Room 111A - chairman: Lukasz Wawrowski

Michal Zylinski

Turning R into production – make your models reality

Lukasz Grala

RevoScaleR - performance and scalability R

Wit Jakuczun

Bringing R to Enterprise

Erik Barzagar-Nazari

Data science outside the box: Developing a generic scoring algorithm for customer acquisition

Andreas Wygrabek

Embedding R in business processes

Room 308A - chairman: Tomasz Górecki

Robin Hyndman

Reconciling forecasts: the hts package

Robin Lovelace

stplanr: an R package for transport planning

Paul-Christian Buerkner

brms: An R Package for Bayesian Multilevel Models using Stan

Sebastian Warnholz

Modules in R

Massimiliano Pastore

influence.SEM 2.0: An R Package for Sensitivity Analysis in Structural Equation Models

Lunch break - sponsored by McKinsey
Invited Talks II
Room AULA - chairman: Katarzyna Kopczewska

Rasmus Bååth

A survey of tools for Bayesian data analysis in R

Jakub Glinka

Browse Till You Die: Scalable Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of cookie deletion

Fast coffee break - sponsored by WLOG Solutions
Methodology 2
Business 2
Packages 2
Room AULA - chairman: Maciej Beresewicz

Emilio L. Cano

Unattended SVM parameters fitting for monitoring nonlinear profiles

Philipp Thomann

SimonsSVM: A Fast and Scalable Support Vector Machine Implementation for R

Tomasz Górecki

Multivariate analysis of variance for functional data using R

Christoph Hoffmann

Text Mining in R

Room 111A - chairman: Adolfo Alvarez

David Kun

Enterprise R Platform – the what, the why and the how

Oliver Bracht

R in the Mittelstand: Bringing Data Science to small and mid-size companies

Pawel Ladyzynski

R tools and tricks for marketing inference in a big internet company

Michal Brys

Using Google Analytics with R

Piotr Wojcik

Using R for backtesting algorithmic trading strategies on high-frequency data

Room 308A - chairman: Marek Gagolewski

Rebecca Killick

EnvCpt: An R package for changepoint identification in Environmental data

Marcin Kosinski

archivist 2.0: News from Managing Data Analysis Results Toolkit

Daniel Guhl

Discrete Choice Models in R

Kamil Wais

LimeRick: Bridge between LimeSurvey and R

Coffee break - sponsored by Analyx
Invited Talks III
Room AULA - chairman: Heather Turner

Ulrike Grömping

Design of Experiments in R

Przemyslaw Biecek

How to use R to hack the publicly available data about skills of 2M+ worldwide students?

Methodology 3
Data workflow 1
Room AULA - chairman: Tomasz Klimanek

Adolfo Alvarez

Classic and network based cluster analysis: together we're better

Maciej Beresewicz

M-quantile regression in R

Marcin Dyderski

Is forest a pharmacy? - problems with data analyses

Gero Szepannek

k Prototypes Clustering of Mixed Type Data

Room 111A - chairman: Marcin Kosinski

Olgun Aydin

Dynamic Inflation Rate Calculation of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods: Shiny-SparkR App

Michal Maj

Introduction to RDruid

Anna Wróblewska

Search phrases in e-commerce platform allegro.pl - big data analysis using SparkR

Natalia Potocka

The full process of creating an R application in recommendation systems: from Dockerfile to Zabbix monitoring

Room 308A - chairman: Przemyslaw Biecek

Pawel Labaj

Are we ready for Personalized Medicine?

Michal Burdukiewicz

N-gram analysis of biological sequences in R

Stefan Rödiger

R as an Environment for the Reproducible Analysis of DNA Amplification Experiments

Marek Wiewiórka

Big data genomics data warehouses analyses with R

Michal Okoniewski

Using SparkR with distributed database in Parquet - a genomic example

Buses to the Welcome paRty venue
Welcome paRty + poster session - sponsored by McKinsey

Damian Chmura

What are sampling errors in the vegetation studies using visual estimation of presence and cover of plants? R can help

Carolina Correia

RNA-seq transcriptional profiling of PPD-b-stimulated peripheral blood from cattle infected with Mycobacterium bovis

Emilia Daghir-Wojtkowiak

Pharmacokinetics-driven modeling of metabolomics data

Anna Dmowska

R as a tool for geospatial modeling in large dataset - example of dasymetric modeling at a continental scale (United States)

Dimitri Fichou

Application of Artificial Neural Network to Planar Chromatography Data

Jagoda Jabłonska

cgmisc: enhanced genome-wide association analyses and visualization

Marta Karas

Penalized regression inference regarding variable selection in regular and high dimensions: comparison of selected methods implemented in R

Wojciech Kedziora

Wrestling with big data in forestry: use of R in Scots pine site index analysis.

Tomasz Owczarek

An R implementation of Kauffman's NK model

Anna Rybinska

R as an effective data mining tool in chemistry

Fabián Santos

Applying genetic algorithms to calibrate a processing chain for a Landsat-based time series analysis of disturbance - regrowth dynamics in tropical forests

Sylwia Wierzcholska

Modelling the distrubution of the bryophytes in different spatial scales

Day 3 - conference - friday (14.10)

Registration + coffee - sponsored by RStudio
Invited Talks IV
Room AULA - chairman: Matthias Templ

Romain Francois

R and C++

Marek Gagolewski

Genie: A new, fast, and outlier-resistant hierarchical clustering algorithm and its R interface

Fast coffee break - sponsored by DataCamp
Invited Talks V
AULA - chairman: Katarzyna Stapor

Matthias Templ

Simulation of complex synthetic data with the R package simPop

Katarzyna Kopczewska

Geo-located point data: measurement of agglomeration and concentration

Sponsors session
Lunch break - sponsored by Microsoft
Lightning talks
Data workflow 2
Education learning
Room AULA - chairman: Joanna Zyprych-Walczak

Agnieszka Borsuk

R as a tool for graphical diagnostics in population pharmacokinetic modeling

Bartosz Czernecki

Machine learning modeling of phenological phases in Poland

Pawel Kleka

Latent Class Analysis in Psychology

Bogumil Konopka

Exploratory data analysis of a clinical study group - revealing patient subgroups

Alexander Kruse

Multidimensional Clustering of Web Analytics Data

Giovanni Lotti

R shiny server as core of multiple technologies into Travel Industry.

George Moroz

Turning Text Mining into Language Mining: Corpus Linguistics in R

Pawel Piatkowski

Structural bioinformatician's notebooks with pdbeeR and knitr

Paul Roback

Using R to incorporate data science into the undergraduate statistics curriculum

Luigi Lombardi

Analysing the statistical effects of manipulated data

Jeroen Ooms

Cryptography in R

Piotr Sobczyk

Visualizing changes in demographics with R

Zofia Tylutki

R for pharmacokineticists - smulation of steady-state concentrations of amiodarone in heart compartmental model as an example

Room 407A - chairman: Marcin Dyderski

Pawel Cejrowski

Power of Java's RSession and rKafka in the data science team collaboration

Ming Shan

R Shiny for Real-time Analytics and Insight Delivery – A Solution for Complex Data in Agriculture

Adam Ryczkowski

Seamless external R server integration with Excel with step-by-step debugging of the R code

Filip Stachura

Workflow around modelling in Data Science / R

Room 308A - chairman: Alicja Szabelska-Beresewicz

Filip Schouwenaars

Revolutionize how you teach and blog: add interactivity

Martin Schneider

Aargh I have to teach R (Experiences in the teaching of R)

Päivi Julin

Using R for artistic purposes

Kamil Krawczyk

Polish Diet Commissions - Text Analysis

Closing session
Closing beer with organisers in the City Center (facultative, not included in fee)

Day 4 - facultative tour - saturday (15.10)

Sightsseing tour + lunch (facultative, extra fee)

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organizing committee

  • Maciej Beresewicz (Chair), Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Adolfo Alvarez, Analyx
  • Przemyslaw Biecek, MIM University of Warsaw, MiNI Warsaw University of Technology
  • Marcin Dyderski, Institute of Dendrology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan University of Life Sciences
  • Marcin Kosinski, Warsaw R Enthusiasts
  • Jakub Nowosad, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, University of Cincinnati
  • Kamil Rotter, Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Alicja Szabelska, Poznan University of Life Sciences
  • Marcin Szymkowiak, Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Lukasz Wawrowski, Poznan University of Economics and Business
  • Joanna Zyprych-Walczak, Poznan University of Life Sciences

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